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Ghostwriter for Aspiring Storytellers

Writer for Hire on Contracts as a Memoir Ghostwriter or Fiction Ghostwriter.


Looking to tell your life story or create a world of your own in fiction, but don’t know where to start? Hoping to hire someone to write your memoir or fiction book? I’m a seasoned ghostwriter with experience crafting memoirs and fiction that captivate readers in any genre.

First, we’ll define the project. Through one-on-one video and/or audio meetings, we’ll discuss your vision and goals for the project. My background is in journalism, so the process begins with an interview where I’ll deeply explore your idea with you, with attention on the audience you want to reach.

You can rest assured that your project will be handled with care and confidentiality. I provide NDA forms at the very beginning. As your ghostwriter, it’s my business to keep quiet.

With this in mind, I’ll start writing. I’ll send you an overall outline, and then weekly drafts as we steer the project to completion. I’ll offer questions, insights, and guidance every step of the way. With my help as your ghostwriter, you’ll be able to turn your ideas into a polished and engaging narrative.

Once the manuscript is complete, I will perform an overall edit to check for any errors and note any areas that could be improved before publishing. These edits are included as part of the ghostwriter service, as well as advice on seeking publishing. We’ll discuss this subject and marketing along the way as well.

Ghostwriter Pricing

Ghostwriter rates are $.40 a word. The total price is tallied based on the end word count. After a deposit up front, payments can be monthly or on a schedule that works best for the client.

What You’ll Receive:

-Ghostwritten Memoir or Fiction Genre of Your Choice
– Editing Round Once Written
– Contemporary Cover Design
– Coaching from Seasoned Professional
– Insights into Publishing

Get Started:

I’d love to meet with you. Introduce yourself below to request an appointment below, and I’ll call you to discuss opening a ghostwriter contract.

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