I’m a well-rounded freelance creative professional with years of experience in writing, editing, and graphic design. If you have unique creative needs, reach out with the contact information below or send a detailed message using the form. I specialize in untying knots, so to speak, so if your project is at a standstill, has grown too complex, or you can’t coax it out of your imagination, I’m your girl.

Here are a few of the services I provide and ballpark estimates for pricing. I’ll provide a custom quote for any project, as there are often factors that make creative projects complex to quote:

Writing Coach sessions are available for $70 an hour and require downloading the Discord application. These are essentially creative tutoring lessons to get you back on your path. You’ll also learn about publishing in a digestible way, as well as how to nurture your creativity.

Editing Rates are between $.03-$.09 a word, with options for hourly and project-based rates. I have years of experience with editing and work exclusively with Tracked Changes. I specialize in copy editing and developmental editing.

Writing Rates start around $.03 a word for creative work and copywriting. NDA projects are always intriguing and are quoted by the project.

Graphic Design starts around $60 an hour.

Photography Retouching starts around $40 an hour.

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