“The Witch’s Spiral” Horror Novel

“A craftily blended supernatural tale that vividly shows the author’s love of the genre.”
Kirkus Reviews

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In M.K. Hancock’s horror novel debut, Rachel Ogden is haunted by a past she cannot recall despite over a decade of therapy. Nevertheless, she knows deep down what truly happened on the night of the fire. However, she keeps the memories to herself, aware that no one would believe the impossible things that she remembers. After all, most of the events of that night are a black hole in her memory that feels too big to grapple with alone. To add to her trauma, her mother abandoned her in Kentucky with her domineering grandparents, leaving her alone to grapple with nightmares that only grew worse with time.

To distract herself, Rachel fills her life with present-day activities, including spending time with her business partner and best friend, Emily Jones, who is like a sister to her. She cautiously dips her toes into dating and finds herself drawn to Mike Smith, a local businessman who appears kind and successful, but she cannot be sure if he is keeping any secrets from her. Despite his polished and professional demeanor, he comes on surprisingly aggressive. At the same time, he clearly has issues with his own mother.

Suddenly Rachel’s life takes an unexpected and supernatural turn when her deceased mother’s ghost appears with a grave message. Her world is rocked by a warning her to protect herself and create barriers against her enemies. Her mother’s ghost warns her that magic always comes at a cost, urging Rachel to take heed of the ominous signs around her.

Horror novel readers’ praise for “The Witch’s Spiral”

“If you like your stories with goth dance clubs with secret rooms, women kicking ass, terrifyingly bloody action, and one or two ritual orgies, you are going to love this book as much as I did.”

“This was a perfectly witchy read.”

“The female protagonist is such an unapologetic boss! I needed a good ‘down with the patriarchy’ read.”

“Terrifying. It feels like Hancock is just scratching the surface of what lies in the depths of the word ‘occult.'”

“Really good book and impressive for a debut novel.”

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