“The Witch’s Spiral” Dark Fantasy Novel

“A craftily blended supernatural tale that vividly shows the author’s love of the genre.”
Kirkus Reviews

A Twisted Dance of Secrets and Nightmares Unveiled! Prepare to be captivated by M.K. Hancock’s chilling novel as Rachel Ogden’s haunting past resurfaces. Follow her as she unravels the mysteries of a night she can’t remember, encountering unexpected twists and spine-tingling encounters along the way.

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Ever since her mother’s disappearance, Rachel Ogden has sought solace in therapy, desperately trying to unlock the secrets of her past. Yet, despite her efforts, the truth remains hidden deep within her mind. Still, she carries the weight of that fateful night—the night of the fire—knowing, with an unwavering certainty, what truly transpired. But the enormity of those memories, lost in a black hole of her mind, feels insurmountable, leaving her to grapple with her anguish in isolation.

In an unexpected twist, Rachel’s life takes a spine-chilling turn when her deceased mother’s ghost materializes before her. A spectral messenger, her mother’s ethereal presence delivers a grave warning—a message that rocks Rachel’s world to its core. Faced with imminent danger, Rachel is urged to build barriers and protect herself from unseen enemies. Her mother’s ghost imparts a cautionary truth: magic always exacts a price.

As ominous signs surround her, Rachel must navigate the perilous path ahead, guided by the eerie wisdom that only the supernatural and its practicians can provide. Discover the haunting secrets of M.K. Hancock’s horror novel debut as Rachel Ogden confronts her forgotten past. Unveil the supernatural twists and turns that will leave you captivated in this gripping tale of mystery and intrigue.

Join Rachel Ogden as she confronts her past, unearths the chilling secrets that lie dormant within her, and discovers that even in the face of darkness, the human spirit can triumph. Unlock the pages of this extraordinary tale and witness Rachel’s harrowing quest for truth, as she unravels the enigma of her past and confronts the mysteries that dwell in the shadows.

Horror novel readers’ praise for “The Witch’s Spiral”

“If you like your stories with goth dance clubs with secret rooms, women kicking ass, terrifyingly bloody action, and one or two ritual orgies, you are going to love this book as much as I did.”

“This was a perfectly witchy read.”

“The female protagonist is such an unapologetic boss! I needed a good ‘down with the patriarchy’ read.”

“Terrifying. It feels like Hancock is just scratching the surface of what lies in the depths of the word ‘occult.'”

“Really good book and impressive for a debut novel.”

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